I opened Complete Hand Therapy in order to provide premium hand therapy to clients in a more intimate setting. I felt that all clients would benefit from receiving continuous consistent care from the same experienced Hand Therapist. This is a service I have always wanted to provide clients to optimise their outcomes and I am proud to say that at Complete Hand Therapy I now can provide this level of service.

Complete Hand Therapy clinic and owner Georgia McGuinness

I have clients that I have treated over many years, sometimes for chronic hand conditions and sometimes for different injuries along the way. I have also treated multiple members of the same family, school or sporting club. The rapport and relationship that is built over many years is one of the best parts of my job!

Another benefit is that clients can contact me directly, as often questions fall outside of appointment times. Most of the time these questions are simple, such as “I forgot to ask, can I still exercise with my splint on?” and I know clients really appreciate receiving a reply  from me directly on the same day. 

I am in the clinic daily (it’s my second home), so if your x-ray results come in after hours I will contact you straight away, there’s no need to wait. For me, going the “extra mile” is never a hassle. My care and enthusiasm with every client, coupled with always being treated by the business owner,  is something that is unique at Complete Hand Therapy.

Don’t worry if I am away. I have a wonderful and experienced colleague who has a clinic close by who provides cover, so you will always receive continuous consistent care from an experienced Hand Therapist.

Meeting and treating clients, hearing their stories, and helping them recover from their hand injury or condition is the reason I go to work each day, it is such a privilege! I feel very lucky to be able to say that I love my job.